Under Patronage of Appear Program

A Visit To Graz University

27 - Jan - 2018

Falling under implementing activities following to the project "Strengthening Potentials of H.E. Institutions in the Field of Gender", Prof. Sanaa Abu Dagga has paid a visit to the University of Graz on January 6-12/ 2018.  

 As the visit encompassed a range of academic meetings and scientific activities, Prof Abu Dagga got the chance to meet the project members Prof. Libor and Prof. Brigitte additionally to the Vice President of Sociology Department Prof. Catherina Sarshirk, and Prof. Wolfang Bandik, from the European Training and Scientific Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. Visiting Sociology Department, consideration was given primarily to the department's activities; planning and preparing for the future ones during the coming time of the project. Prof. Abu Dagga continued her journey by visiting the Equal Opportunities Unit; there she got to know more about the actions and policies being implemented in the women's support area.

Then it was the Multipurpose Studies and Gender Unit that Prof. Abu Dagaa has been hosted in, where she met with Prof. Alki Lojanski, and  Barbara who introduced her to the woman-related activities and services undertaken by the Unit.

 Not only that, Prof. Abu Dagga visited the library and informed about its strategy with regard to gender specialization. Afterwards, she gave a presentation, entitled "The position of women in Gaza under difficult circumstances, challenges, and the ways of adaptation" in the woman services association.

The pre-final stage organized to meet with Prof. Klamler, Vice Dean of postgraduate studies at the faculty of Business, Economics and Social sciences, in which some administrative procedures have been discussed for postgraduate programs as well as the possible ways for academic cooperation.

Finally, the academic visit was concluded with meeting Prof. Apprecht, The Head of Appear program office, to discuss Appear projects at IUG, and handle some administrative matters related to these projects. What really matters is that the academic visit was completely productive and Graz University is happy at dealing with IUG as it presents Palestine.