IUG Receives The Businessman Prof. Adnan Magali

23 - Jan - 2018

 In a visit to IUG, the prominent businessman Prof. Adnan Magali expressed his glory on IUG academic and research outputs that despite difficult circumstances, still serving the educational process through outstanding programs and projects. "Accomplishments of IUG prove how much Palestinians are innovative. I have seen at IUG a number of research projects that will contribute to serving millions of people", said Prof. Magali. He did really believe that IUG educational achievements would have a positive and significant impact on the development process. Therefore, the professor called on stakeholders and decision makers to support the steadfastness of the struggling Palestinians, the educational institutions, and the students.

At IUG Conference Center, the Prof. Magali has been received by IUG President Prof. Nasser Farahat, Vice President for administrative affairs Prof. Maged Al-Farra, Dean of Foreign affairs Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen, and Director of Public Relations, Dr. Saeed Al Namrouti.

Prof. Nasser Farahat expressed his appreciation for the professor's visiting and considering it an enhancing for investment's prospects at all levels. He stressed that the university will always shine in the path of innovation despite the hard conditions in Gaza saying, "The Islamic University will continue work in the hard reality as it used to work previously under the occupation ".