President of Environment Quality Authority Visits IUG

19 - Jan - 2018

In a visit paid by Environment Quality Authority to boost cooperation between governmental and educational institutions, the Minister of Environment Eng. Adala Al-ateri expressed her appreciation of IUG oriented-community projects. Such cooperation serves both sides at different levels and contributes to achieving sustainable development in Palestine. "We cherish our distinguished partnership with IUG. We hope a future full of cooperative agreements between governmental and educational institutions", Eng. Adala said. She also confirmed on the necessity to provide the educational institutions with tools required to raise the level of education in Palestine.

The delegation has been hosted by IUG president Prof. Nasser Farahat, Vice president for academic affairs, Prof. Salem Hellis, Vice president for administrative affairs Prof. Majid Al-Farra, Dean of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen, and the director of Public relations Dr. Saeed Al Namrouti. It included from environmental Quality Authority: Dr. Khaled Qahman, assistant president of Environmental Quality Authority, Dr. Ahmed Hellis, and Director-General of environmental awareness in the Authority, Dr. Mohammed Al aela, deputy Director-General of projects, plus a number of members from the Authority.

Prof. Farahat greeted the visiting delegation and praised the role of the Environment Quality Authority in opening up new cooperative prospects with the University and promoting the joint action that contributes to serving the environmental sector. As a way of illustration, Prof. Farahat showed a range of projects incubated by the Islamic University, mentioning the phases took place at each project. He drew on the university's relations with educational and community institutions at the Arab, international and regional levels.

The delegation embarked wandering around the University from the Museum as it embodies the stages of physical, academic and research development of the university, then there was a chance to look at the most important services and products provided by IRADA project. Finally, the delegation turned the steering to the practical laboratories that specialized for environmental aspects.