Speed Click Provides Internet Services & Grants (60) Scholarships

17 - Jan - 2018


Generously, Speed Click Company has signed a donating contract in favor of the Islamic university to support the internet services as a major provider.  Not only that, the company has a supportive role in aiding needy students; the company provided (60) scholarship for needy students at the communications and Information Technology Engineering Faculty.

 The contract's signature was in the presence of the president Prof. Nasser Farahat, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Speed Click Mr. Nasser Al-Hello; alongside the Dean of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ahmed Mohaisen, the director of Public Relations and Conference Centre, Dr. Saeed Alnamrouti and Prof. Raed Rashid, IT Services' director, and Eng. Wael Nabhan, CEO of Speed Click.

The meeting encompassed discussion on ways of supporting Palestinian universities especially at the difficult economic conditions of the Gaza strip. The discussion also handled the possibility of strengthening the private sector- educational institutions bonds through launching educational charitable services to be a sustainable source of funding for the community development process.

Prof. Farahat appreciated the generous initiative of Speed Click concerning the educational charitable Project. The president commended its ongoing support for universities' students and the constant eagerness to develop and promote the educational system that vividly appeared through full internet services for 5 years.