Two Academicians Gets Honorary Professor Degree

09 - Dec - 2017

According to promotion conditions of IUG, two academicians have gotten an honorary Professor degree after reaching legal retirement age (60), meanwhile having a professorship level and served at the university for at least 15 years. The two professors are Prof. Nafez Hussain Hammad, Faculty of Theology and Prof. Mohammed-Wafaie Elhelou, Faculty of Education.

Prof. Hammad has published (60) scientific research in outstanding journals in different Arab and foreign countries. He also supervised and discussed (90) MA & Ph.D. dissertations; alongside, participating in internal and external scientific conferences. He was awarded the University Prize for Scientific Research twice, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Award for scientific research and a certificate of appreciation from the Palestinian Ministry of Endowment. Dr. Yousef Salama, Sheikh and Dean of Al- Azhar Institutions in Palestine and the former minister of Endowment ministry, issued a book on Prof. Hammad person, entitled "scholars from the Land of Israa". The ministry of Endowment also published in Qatar his book about (Differences of Hadith between scholars and modernists), and the book teaches postgraduate students in many universities. This book has been taught to Postgraduate students in different universities.

Moving to Education Faculty, Professor of Educational Psychology Mohammed ElHelou got, in 1983, his Master Degree in Education from Colorado State University, USA, and held Ph.D. in Education Psychology from Southern Illinois University, USA, in 1988. At the beginning of his educational trip, he worked as a translator at the Ministry of Justice, United Arab Emirates. In 1993, he received a membership in American Educational Research Association. In 1994, he was one of the European Educational Research Association members. In 1996, he became an influential member of Palestinian Educational Research and Studies Association. He had a long history of participation in different conferences and journals, a lot of his research in the field of Educational Psychology published, some of which are: The Role of the Islamic Education in the Building of the Child’s personality, Learning Strategies and Tactics: Does it Enhance Understanding and Memorizing Information, Arab Children’s Use of the Keyword Method to Learn Simple English Vocabulary Words.