Scientific Day

Future Prospects OF Renewable Energy In Palestine

26 - Nov - 2017

At the Conference Hall in Tiba Building, the Electrical Engineering Department has held a scientific day, entitled "Future Prospects of renewable energy in Palestine".  A host of faculty members, the Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Anwar Awad, and the Chair of Electrical Engineering Prof. Jawdat Abu Taha, has attended the day with a group of interested people, researchers, and owners of solar companies.

Opening session

Delivering his word, Prof. Awad said that this day falls within the faculty endeavors to disseminate knowledge through holding extracurricular activities and scientific days. Such meetings promote the culture of conducting scientific research among students so that can upgrade their research levels.

Prof. Abu Taha explained that the day aims at finding alternative and innovative solutions by exploiting renewable energy to solve the power cut problem in the Gaza Strip. This problem has had a significant impact on economic, social and financial aspects. Therefore, the Department seeks to continually update and develop the scientific plans for serving the community need, as Prof. Abu Taha pointed out.


Prof. Hala El Khozondar presented two papers on energy renewable application in Palestine, Autofocus tracing of images, and Nanoscale solar cells. Prof. Mansour Ramlawi, from Germany, gave a paper, entitled "The Concepts and applications of the Small Network," while the researcher Prof. Moayad AL- Mobayed talked about "Alternatives of Renewable Energy Resources". On the other hand, Eng. Alaa Odeh talked about "The Engineering Specifications of the Energy Systems Approved in the Palestinian Ministry of Health", whereas Prof. Walid Issa, from Britain, presented a paper, entitled "Integrated Solar System Solutions in the Intelligent Building".