Nursing Faculty wins Best Scientific Research in 1st ICAMS

26 - Nov - 2017

Prof. Yousuf Al-Jeesh, the Dean of Nursing Faculty, has recently won the best scientific research in the Public health field at the first international conference of applied medical sciences organized by Al-Azhar University in18/19.Nov.2017. Prof. AL-Jeesh was a keynote speaker in the conference session; his research was about "Risk Factors of Osteoporosis among adults in Gaza Strip". In the same context, a bunch of faculty members has participated by either presenting a scientific research or moderating sessions. For instance, Prof. Atef Ismail moderated the second session in Nursing and Public Health field, and Prof. Areefa Al Bahri, the Chair of Midwifery Department, participated with a research, entitled "Lived Experience of Refugee Women Residing in Gaza Strip, Following Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes”.

 It is worth mentioning that the Conference discussed approximately (110) research papers in five medical disciplines. It primarily aimed at examining the Palestinian society need for conducting academic research related to health. The conference held via video conference with the participation of (19) countries around the world.  The outcomes were medically and academically fruitful; it enabled specialists to diagnose the medical problems; accordingly, find proper treatment and medications.