IT Faculty Launches QUIF

28 - Nov - 2017

In partnership with PICTI & EUTD & PITA, IT Faculty has Launched QUIF project aims at developing the Competencies of IT Graduates to Integrate into Freelancing and Software Outsourcing. QUIF targets (60) students, (25) Engineers, and (20) academicians. Furthermore, it works on developing plans and courses for covering the current trends of business fields. The project will not have progressed without benefiting from trainers' expertise and concerting efforts to find chances for teleworking. The project is generously funded by The World Bank through the Quality Development Fund of Ministry of H.E. The launching of the project at the Conference Hall, Al-Quds Building, encompassed the president Prof. Naser Farahat, and the Dean of IT Faculty Pro. Rebhi Baraka, alongside a host of representatives from joint companies.

Prof. Farahat valued and appreciated the efforts exerted to upgrade the students and the faculty services. He explained that the university takes into account serving students and society through enhancing the partnership strategy with local institutions. Therefore, the university devoted a special Deanship to stand up for developing graduate performance and enabling them to integrate into the business market.

Prof. Baraka said," this project aims at improving students' performance through acquiring them the required skills to engage into the society". He confirmed that the project needs concerting actions for its accomplishment.