Scientific Day

Trends Of Software Development

27 - Nov - 2017

The Computer Sciences department and Software development held a scientific day entitled of " Trends of Software Development" In the presence of the Dean of IT Faculty Prof. Rebhi Baraka, the Chair of Computer Sciences & Software development Prof. Basem Alijla, and the Chair of IT Faculty Prof. Arafat Abu Jray.

The opening session

Prof. Rebhi Baraka has moderated this session. He clarified that IT faculty concerns, from time to time, for holding different scientific meetings; believing that the world has increasingly accelerated every day and accordingly the faculty of IT has to keep pace with updated techniques in developing software. Therefore, the aim of launching the day was to let students know more about the trends of software development that has dramatically invaded the business market, as Prof. Alijla said.

First session   

This session has been moderated by Prof. Mohammed Awadallah from Al-Aqsa University. In his paper, Prof. Rebhi Baraka talked deliberately about the Data Science and its connection to software development, while the researcher Eng.Gehad Mahfouz tackled the working trends by using "Angular" Technique. This session ended with a scientific paper, entitled"Mobile phone's research and business trends" for the researcher Ahmed Al Qazaz.

Second session

Related to the final session, it was moderated by Prof. Ashraf Al- Attar, assistant professor at IT faculty. The researcher Prof. Abdul Kareem Ashqer presented a paper, entitled"Software Development by Qanban" while Prof. Mustafa Balata talked about "Blockchain" technique. The session ended by recounting some success stories at Austria and Germany.