HESPAL Information Workshop

22 - Nov - 2017

The External Affairs has just held a workshop to inform about the Higher Education Scholarships, HESPAL. It has been held in the presence of representatives from the British Council Mr. Sohail Tarazi and Eng. Mohammed Al-Rantisi, alongside a bunch of Academicians and interested people. Mr. Tarazi praised, at the beginning, the long history of groundbreaking and deeply impactful scholarships in education field between IUG & the British Council. Moving to H.E programs, he focused on scholarships' purposes in building bridges of understanding with UK academic staff, strengthening their engagement with UK universities, and creating a new academic generation that contributes to enriching the educational process in Palestine.  

The funding resources are varied to include governmental institutions that can bear the living expenses of the students, the fees, and the travel costs. Mr. Tarazi asserted that these scholarships aim high at boosting the Palestinian economy and the quality of Higher Education too. Related to procedures of selection, (10) applicants are allowed from each university, students have to fill the applications in the due time, then the British Council will send them to UK educational institutions; ultimately, the British Council will receive the acceptance and guarantee students a facilitated traveling. The workshop ended by informing about IELTS through a presentation given by Eng. Mohammed Al-Rantisi. IELTS particularizes people proficiency in communicating in English by examining the main skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. IELTS test is trusted around the world.