With 3 British universities

How Is Shakespeare Perceived In Gaza?

21 - Nov - 2017

Following the pursuit of widening understanding of literature through maintaining the connection with the western world, the English Department held a Skype-workshop with three British Universities to discuss further dimensions of Shakespeare Course; the universities perceived with great welcoming were: the University of Warwick, Queen Mary University of London, and SOAS University of London. The meeting has been hosting Prof. Esther Elliot, a British artist, alongside, a bunch of theatre artists from the British universities. The workshop was taken up with great interesting and high appreciation from IUG English students and the hosted universities'.

Prof. Ahmed, Chair of English Department, emphasized that meetings with IUG peers are necessary, for they help enrich the students' informative output of everything new in the West. Dr. Baroud, prof. of comparative literature, noted that the workshop was a pioneering initiative tried to raise the voice of students in the face of suffering the Palestinian society has been living in and overcome the borders' bottlenecks that have hindered fulfilling study abroad.  The workshop met with deep admiration from Mr. Jonathan Chadwick, director of the "AZ Theatre" Foundation, as he praised the performance of IUG-English students, their distinctive talents in the field of literature, as well.

The students' distinction vividly appeared in a film demonstrating their understanding of the famous playwright's work, William Shakespeare. Where the film presented the students' performance to different roles from Hamlet play.