IUG & Local Industries

Will IUG Contribute In Reaching Gaza To Sustainable Development?

09 - Sep - 2017

With cooperation of Palestinian Federation of Industries, The Deanship of Scientific and Graduate Studies has organized a workshop to investigate cooperative horizons for constructing a Paradigm of Academic- Industrial partnership. More importantly, particularizing serious procedures to reach to the sustainable development in Palestine, specially, in Gaza.

A host of representatives from Federation of Plastic Industries, Chemical Industries, Construction Industries, Paper Industries and Wood Industries has attended the workshop. Where the discussion was rotating around obstacles and hard challenges that may face the future of cooperation and partnership between Universities in Gaza and local industries. The meeting was productive, and different opportunities, based on united cooperative vision, were offered to serve sustainable development in Gaza strip.

Ultimately, every side agreed on holding the responsibility to develop a paradigm of partnership, and making a questioner to discover challenges and obstacles of its future; then hold intensive meetings to formulate a comprehensive vision about the paradigm.