IUG Series of Projects

IUG Signs Agreement To Support Woman, Equality & Justice

30 - Aug - 2017


A project entitled of "Strengthen Higher Education Capacities for Gender Equalities" Funded by Appear Program is signed on IUG ground for the sake of empowering women, equality and justice in Gaza strip.

On behalf of IUG, Prof. Nasser Farahat, IUG Chairman, and prof. Sanaa Abu Dagga, the project's manager, signed the agreement with Dr. Steven Zote, The Representative of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, and Prof. Andreas Obrecht, Appear program's manager, signed it on behalf of the project members.

For its importance and productivity, a raft of IUG members have attended the signature. They are Prof. Ahmed Mohesn, The Dean of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Mohammed Abu- Shoqer, The Dean of Education Faculty, as well as, Dr. Manal Al- Ashi, Dr. Khitam Al-Sahar, and Eng. Amani Al- Maqadima, Who are members of the project team, additionally to Dr. Saeed Namrotee, Director of Public Relations and Conference Center.


·         Enhance IUG academic staff capabilities and higher education capacities for gender equalities.

·         Develop institutional and research capacity in the same field.

·         Increase awareness of woman issues outside the university through contacting with local institutions of Higher education, local NGOs, and woman-advocate institutions.

·         Promote interconnection and cultural exchange at regional and international levels.