IUG Series of Projects

IUG Wins A new project "Strengthen Higher Education Capacities for Gender Equalities" Funded by Appear Program

30 - Aug - 2017



The Islamic university won an academic partnership project entitled of: "Strengthen Higher Education Capacities for Gender Equalities" in cooperation with university of Graz, Austria; and funded by Appear, the Austrian Partnership in field of Higher Education and Research for Development.

Project activities will be implemented by a special team from IUG includes prof. Sanaa Abu Dagga, Assistant vice-chairman for Research Affairs. Dr. Khitam Al-Sahar, Assistant Professor at Department of Psychology. Dr. Manal Al- Ashi, Instructor at Sharia'a and Law Department. Eng. Amani Al- Maqadima, The head of external relations.

This project, which extends from July 2017 to June 2020, aims at:

·         Enhancing IUG academic staff capabilities and higher education capacities for gender equalities.

·          Developing institutional and research capacity in the same field.

·         Increasing awareness of woman issues outside the university through contacting with local institutions of Higher education, local NGOs, and woman-advocate institutions.

·         Promoting interconnection and cultural exchange at regional and international levels.

The project is expected to basically accomplish the following:

·         Developing IUG academic staff through conducting a year of interdisciplinary program, 16 Credit hours, in field of woman studies.

·          Improving the curricula through: A) preparing MA program in woman studies and gender equalities. B) Construct a special library for woman- related topics, in both Arabic and English languages. C) Boost human rights course with concepts about woman rights.

·         Enhancing research activities in woman issues. where master students will be under supervision of IUG academic staff and university of Graz. Hence, students from both universities will study the same topic.

·         Establishing woman studies center for the purpose of setting up and managing any educational and research activities in the field of woman rights, at second year of the project.

It is noteworthy that in February 2017, the Islamic university won another academic partnership project funded by Appear program entitled of "Developing maker‐movement‐inspired training courses of renewable energy sources in Gaza Strip". The project will run until the end of January 2020, with cooperation of University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria. It is implemented at IUG under supervision of Prof. Hala El-Khozondar from IUG Faculty of Engineering. Thus, the number of funded projects during 2016-2017 equal eight, resulting in partnerships with 100 European universities.