A powerful Academic Year

PHD in "Curriculum & Methods of teaching" Kicks off next Academic year 2017-2018

30 - Aug - 2017



IUG gets off a remarkable start next academic year through opening PHD in "Curriculum & Methods of teaching" in Faculty of Education. It is noteworthy that IUG gets accreditation from The National Commission for Accreditation and Quality at Ministry of Higher Education.

Opening PHD program in "Curriculum & Methods of teaching" puts IUG on top of all Palestinian universities; the degree will be bestowed after fulfillment of 51 credit hours distributed into 21 compulsory hours, 12 optional hours, and 18 hours for dissertation, as Dr. Mohammed Hanjoree mentions. He indicated that the program provides applicants with knowledge, values and skills in field of Curriculum & Methods of teaching in which can improve the educational process in Palestine.  


 Dr. Mohammed summarizes justifications in preparing a staff of researchers and specialized academics in field of Curriculum & Methods teaching to support and participate in research efforts and updating education in Palestine. This staff should be aware of achieving human development, and enhancing the role of Palestinian institutions of higher education in renewing the scientific research in this field. Furthermore, opening the PHD program aims to fulfilling the scientific and educational development, in which harmonizes the national Palestinian strategies, and addresses the Palestinian community needs; specially, MA holders who seeks to chase after their ambitions after being hindered by financial and borders crisis.


  Dr. Mohammed Hanjoree clarifies that the program sheds lights on a bunch of basic goals:

·         Introduce a distinguished education focusing on the phenomenal development happened in faculty of education.

·         Encourage scientific researches& improve students' abilities through utilizing updated and contemporary techniques to develop the educational process.

·         Graduate consulting personnel and specialized experts who enjoy special insights and can develop the ministry of higher education.

·         Enhance positive interaction with related ministries and institutions to orient researchers to study topics concerning with the community needs.


Terms of study

Students who are joining must meet the following terms:

·         Obtained Ma certificate in Curriculum& methods of teaching with a grade of very good, from IUG or any other recognized universities.

·         Obtained a Bachelor degree with at least a grade of ‘very good’

·         Successfully passed both acceptance exams written & oral.

·         Successfully passed English levels exam before introducing dissertation's discussion.

Dr. El- Hanjoree thanked the ministry of higher education in Ramallah for their trust, praising that this trust stems from IUG committing to the ministry's criterion.