Pharmacology from PowerPoint to Animated videos

A medicine -faculty Academic develops a program to transfer pharmacology's lectures from PowerPoint to Animated videos

28 - Aug - 2017

Agu26/ 2017

Dr. Gehad Hammad, Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine, has managed to develop a web-based tutorial that can transfer PowerPoint lectures to animation videos. This comes after a seven months- research visit he spent at King's College London University in London included in "Zamala"  program that funded by Taawon, a Palestinian institution.

 Related to his mission, Dr. Hammad clarified that the scholarship was literally dedicated to develop the educational field with contemporary means that facilitating the educational process. It is noteworthy that the project's proposal has obtained Chairman's admiration of Pharmacology department KCL University, which is the fifth best pharmacological department in the world. Thus, the project will be the first comprehensive and fast moving worldwide.

With cooperation of KCL researchers, the project's development, reviewing and editing have been done during the research visit of Dr. Hammad; he also mentioned that new educational videos were reworded to improve the project's website.

Outcomes are highly appreciated, and the website became topnotch in field of pharmacology and animation on Google. However, the website has not announced officially yet, more than 40000 visit and about MILLION internal browsing have been recorded.

Thus, the project frames a unique future to the medical education since it is most developed and comprehensive; it contains (100) educational videos in field of pharmacology.

Dr. Hammad assured that the free website has raised the university shares in universal education field. Not only that, but it gives IUG a pioneer status on the universal and medical education map.

People who are in charge of the website are forcing the pace to develop a YouTube channel for the sake of transforming videos from website to channel since it is much wider and easier.

The research visit comprises of various academic activities: giving lectures to medicine and pharmacology students, discussing seminars with students of science, assessing the educational performance of pharmacology department's academic staff, and providing bunch of discussions and revisions to pharmacology students.