IUG launches another outstanding track

MA In "Regional and international studies" Kicks off Next Academic Year 2017-2018

26 - Aug - 2017

Agu18, 2017

IUG gets off a powerful start next academic year through opening MA in "regional and international studies" in Economy and Political Science Department, Faculty of Commerce.  It is noteworthy that IUG gets accreditation from The National Commission for Accreditation and Quality at Ministry of Higher Education.

Mohammed Miqdad, The Dean of Commerce Faculty, indicated that the program sheds light on the international and regional studies that enjoy a great importance. He added that the program includes scientific researches on international relations, political economy and regional policies of region and international community. Moreover, it focuses on start-up economical social and political issues, which reflects the current international and regional situation.


Prof. Miqdad clarified that the program aims to achieve a raft of goals: preparing competences and qualifications capable of addressing Palestinian community needs in field of international and regional studies. This can be done through providing them appropriate theoretical and applied knowledge, as well as, skills required to study some issues like ruling and power, conflict, globalization, international media, immigration and international and regional relations. Besides, it advances the educational level of students in a way serves goals of Higher Education, and enhances values of educational researches.


Prof. Miqdad mentioned that the program targets bachelor degree holders in all humanitarian sciences, adding that the outcomes are highly appreciated. In the first place, the outcomes assist students to acquire basic concepts and knowledge in field of international and regional studies that enable them to:

1.      Acquaint research concepts and methodology in political sciences.

2.      Analyze political events by utilizing a scientific methodology.

3.      Enhance applied skills in research, political analysis and future planning.

4.      Work in specialized research centers of regional and international studies.

The program helps to distribute knowledge and awareness about the scientific studies, and develop scientific values that serves the specialization to suit general goals of Palestinian community and contemporary worldwide issues. The students will be aware of the nature of crisis that confronts our Arab region and its relation with regional surrounding.