IUG Medical Graduate is a Member in Scientific Arbitration Committee of Cancer Conference in Ohayo

16 - Aug - 2017


The American Association for Cancer Education with cooperation of The European union for educating cancer patients have chosen a graduate from medicine faculty at Islamic university, Mohammed Raed Al- Shami, to participate as a lecturer and a member in arbitration committee of scientific posters  in cancer conference.

Dr. Al-Shami is an excellent graduate in Nasser medical complex says: "I am so interested in oncology since my mother's infection of the disease when I was at the second level"

He continues: "I knew about it through searching on internet for a scientific conference specialized for oncology. I sent a summary of my research papers to participate, and I received the approval"

He mentions that the scientific committee of conference opened doors of joining to youth researchers, the chance is being allowed to him. Consequently, he became one of the scientific arbitration committee; pointing out that he is the only Palestinian doctor who participated in the conference, and the rest were from USA.

He says that the conference aims to improve the level and quality of services introduced to cancer patients; meanwhile, most European countries tend to share patients in their pain. He assures patients to be well aware of disease's risks, as well as, the nature of remedy they need.

Al- Shami adds, "The conference seeks to facilitate the connection between patients and medical and psychological staff they treat them". He reveals the reasons pushed him to join the conference saying that it makes a special and unique impression on the way of treating, in which patient is the core of the process.

Personally and scientifically, this experience will broaden his horizons, so that he can give it his best shot to change the condition that his mother faced during her treatment.

Al- Shami confirms that he is going to contact, after the conference, with The American association for cancer education to discuss the matter of having a branch in Palestine. He is supposed to participate in the conference as a lecturer by introducing his research papers. Unfortunately, Gaza borders crisis stands an obstacle in front of achieving this opportunity.

Dr. Al- Shami thanked members of faculty at IUG, and his colleagues who advised him medically and in research side.

The conference takes place in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, over three days from 13- 15 September.