Medicine between IUG and Wales

IUG Medical Graduate Obtains Medicine Exercise from British Medical Council

16 - Aug - 2017

7/ 8/ 2017

Dr. Hani Al-Astal, a medicine faculty- graduate from Islamic university, obtains medicine exercise of British Medical Council as the first one from Gaza universities.

Challenging journey

 Al-Astal is a-second group graduate from medicine faculty at IUG who worked as a clinical lecturer there. He says, "With much support of my father and after a great deal of effort, I received the acceptance to fulfill my study in medicine research field included in master program with Dr. Ashraf Rasheed, a professor of upper gastrointestinal surgery at University of Wales, UK".

"During my work as a medical researcher at university of Wales, I was dedicating myself to obtain British medicine exercise since it is an entrance to the medical specialization in Britain, and a lawful license that enables doctors to work in hospitals. This is because the medical learning system of Britain is most universal and comprehensive ".

Dr. Al-Astal barely managed to adhere to that path because a graduate from Gaza has to successfully pass three stages before getting British medicine exercise in hands: firstly, he had to get a high mark in IELTS, and he completed this step in Ramadan 2016. Secondly, he had to take the first part of the medical test "PLAB". Fortunately, He succeeded in this step in September 2016.  

He clarifies that the third stage was most difficult; it is supposed to take the second part of "PLAB" which is the sharpest international tests in assessing doctors. The importance of this test is to guarantee doctors' compliance with criterion.  

Dr. Al-Astal mentioned that the second part of "PLAB" includes twenty clinical phases in which doctor's skills in dealing with various medical conditions have been evaluated.

After completion of the three stages, British Medical Council, the official body that is entitled to release medical accreditation, has approved Dr. Al- Astal to practice medicine in Britain.

Ambition is boundless

Dr. Al-Astal revealed that a raft of Doctors whom he met in Britain have astonished at the amazing level of medical knowledge that the Islamic university offers to its students. He confirmed, "The Islamic university has facilitated a suitable atmosphere to graduating students capable of global competition". He follows, "Acquiring my medicine exercise from Britain is a definitive proof on my university's prosperity, and that the international confession of medicine certificate is unblemished.

He considers the certificate of Britain medical exercise a mean to reach to his goal that aiding him to construct a remarkable medical system in Gaza strep with cooperation of its doctors. Moreover, it is a new way to develop medical research field to become a knowledgeable beacon that meet global medical challenges.

Dr. Al-Astal thanks everyone in health ministry who offered him a helping hand in preparing the required papers, he also sends his gratitude to the academic staff at IUG, to his relatives and friends, too.