IUG Celebrates Graduation of Deaf Students' Second Class

27 - Mar - 2017

   IUG has celebrated the graduation of the second class of deaf students studying in diploma of technology of creativity and computer and smart phones amendment. The ceremony was attended by Prof. Nasr Adin Al- Mzaini- Head of IUG Trustees Border and Prof. Adel Awad Allah –IUG President in addition to Sir. Terrance English – the first surgeon in Britain and many senior officials.

Distinguished Experience

In his speech, Prof. Al- Mzaini  congratulated the graduates and pointed out that teaching deaf people has many obstacles including the difficulty of communicating with them and training them in different majors. He also thanked all who supported the program which resulted in graduating the first class last summer and the second that day.


For his part, Prof. Awad Allah expressed IUG pleasure of its international relations and said that it hosted many senior medical officials from many countries. He also pointed out that IUG celebrates tis qualitative achievements every day and that deaf students graduation means nothing but denervation. Prof. Awad Allah also said that IUG, in corporation with Vienna University intends to launch a bachelor program for deaf students.

Sir English also said, ''I had the honor to speak in this distinguished ceremony today.'' He also confirmed that he visited Gaza and IUG many times and that he is interested in its medical activities.  He also expressed his happiness of IUG achievements.

Graduates Speech

On the behalf of graduates, Hatem Al- Asadi said, '' I am proud of this day with my friends. I have been dreaming of having a university caring of deaf students and providing them with programs developing their abilities and skills since I was young.'' He also thanked IUG and INTERPAL association for their efforts.