Workshop Evaluating Energy-Saving Buildings Project Outputs

21 - Feb - 2017


In a workshop aiming at evaluating energy- saving buildings project outputs, academics and specialists have recommended to promote the concept of energy- saving buildings and establish a local research center to serve researchers.

The workshop was held by IUG Architecture department. The workshop was attended by Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen, Prof0 Mohammed AbdulAti, Prof. Mohammed Al- Kahlout and a number of senior officials and interested people.

Prof. Muhaisen said that Architecture department has held many activities for about two years. He also pointed out that the project was funded by Appear Austrian Project, in cooperation with Vienna Technical University. Prof. Mhaisen has also confirmed that the goal of the project is to promote the concept of energy- saving buildings to get a Sustainable constructional structure.

Prof. AbdulAti thanked Architecture Department for itd efforts in energy- saving buildings project, which he considered to be an easy projects without any challenges.

 Prof. Al-Kahlout said, ''energy is a public sector considered to be one of the most important sectors the society needs. The project aims at enhancing the concept of energy- saving buildings in the society.''

Eng. Awni Naem  pointed out that the idea of energy- saving buildings was launched by separated individuals, and that the project united these ideas. He also called for making use of the different experiences and establishing a national research center to help researchers in the field of renewable energy in Gaza Strip.

Dr. Sanaa Abu Saleh expressed her hope to promote energy- saving buildings, and asked for having rules imposed by municipalities.