Together We can Fight Cancer

21 - Feb - 2017

In corporation with Woman Health Centre in Bureij, IUG Midwifery Department has organized a seminar entitled, ''Together We can Fight Cancer''. The seminar was held in cooperation with CCP- Japan  and UNFPA, and funded by the Japanese Government. It was also held in IUG Conference Hall. In addition, the seminar was attended by many senior officials from local and international organizations.

Prof. Awad Allah, IUG President, said that there are many serious movements towards cancer treatment including Surgical, chemical, radiological, and hormonal, and he emphasized the importance of focusing on wise dealing with the disease to have positive results.

For his part, Prof. Al- Jaish said, ''cancer is one of the most important health problems facing the world, and one of the most important reasons of death.'' He also said that there were (7069) infected people with cancer in Gaza Strip between 2009-2014.

Prof. Al- Jaish also pointed out that women are mostly infected with breast cancer, while men are mostly infected with colon cancer. He also confirmed that IUG Faculty of Nursing takes care of training students to provide  high health care and social, healthy and spiritual dealing with cancer patients.

Sir. Teshma, Head of the Japanese Mission Foundation campaign to support the children of Palestine,  also confirmed that cancer is a dangerous disease which we must make our efforts to avoid. He also talked about the great challenges Gaza Strip faces, and he pointed out that Gaza Strip has exceptional conditions, that make discovering the disease important.

Miss Zaqout, General  Director of the Culture and Free Thought Association,  said that Gaza Strip has the highest number of cancer patients, and that 51% of death occasions in the Strip are due to cancer. She also stressed that the responsibility of preventing cancer is social.

Research Papers

Dr. Rami A'jour, X-ray specialist, has discussed the role of early discovery of the breast cancer in raising recovering cases. He has also talked about the most popular type of cancer among women, and showed statistics of number of death cases due to cancer.

Dr. Saeb Awaini has also participated with a research entitled, ''Breast Cancer Between Incidence and Prevention Factors'', in which he pointed out the situation of cancer in Gaza Strip and all over the world. He also said that breast cancer is the most popular in Gaza and the whole world. He also talked about some factors that are not proved to cause cancer.

Gaza Community Mental Health Program has presented about health care providers role in supporting women with breast cancer psychologically.