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A Training Visit to TechMinho Center
IUG Wins Project for Building Capacities in CSA and Wastewater Treatment
IUG Mobility Student Takes Part in a Cultural Evening at Humboldt
From Malaysia to Gaza: A Visit to Support Persons with Disabilities
Golden Mobility Chance to Humboldt University
Physics Dep. Joins the Palestinian Advanced Physics School
Irada Trainees' Breakthroughs Blossom in a Project's Conclusion
Miles of Smiles Convoy Supports Students During Visit to IUG
AQAC Accredits New Programme in Journalism & Media at IUG
BTI Team Participates in Three-Countries Training Programme
IUG Wins MENA's Digital Education and Research Project
Energy-Efficient Buildings in Gaza: New Prospects
IUG ROMOR Team Lands at Italian Summer Training School
"Show Don't Tell" Course to Promote Intercultural Communication
Annual Ceremony of S.N Nahar and A.R Rahman Award At IUG
Students Showed Satisfaction Out of Turkish Grant
Irada Students Noticed Relieved in UNDP's First Phase Project
Winners of IUG Scientific Research 2019
Memorandum of Understanding with University of Genoa
Two from IUG to Pay Research Visits to American & European Universities
HSN Works Towards MA Accreditation in Early Childhood Education
BA in Marketing and E-Commerce Accredited Now at IUG
Brand New: MA in Critical Care Nursing
PhD in Administrative and Financial Sciences Accredited Now at IUG
Professional Diploma in Energy Efficient Buildings Accredited Now at IUG
Japanese Ambassador Supports Youths In Gaza During Visit to Islamic University
From Finland to Gaza, A Visit to Support People With Disability
Best Page Badge at "ARID" Goes For IUG Academic
From Finland to Gaza, A Working Visit to Support Education
ASM Day On Emerging Bacterial Pathogens
Delegation of Milesian Gaza Lovers& Muslim Care Visits IUG
Faculty of Medicine Partakes in Royal College Symposium, Edinburgh
Information Workshop On HEI ICI Programme
Symposium On Technology Apps for Education PhD Students
IUG Health Sciences Partakes In UK Conference for Parasitology
2019 IEEE 7th Palestinian International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Conference of Rehabilitation of Historical Sites Within Modern Requirements
New Academic Horizons With Senegal
Memorandum of Understanding With Malaysian Gaza lover's institution
Ahmed Gendia Ranked Second In Innovation Challenge of Water Competition
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