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IUG Team Progresses To Hult Prize Final Phase
Participation In The Algerian First International Webinar On COVID19
MA Student Ranked First In Al-Taawon Award For Distinguished Teacher
IUG To Open Center For Communicable Diseases Surveillance
Prof. Stephen Greenblatt Explores ‘Othello’ With IUG Shakespeare Class
IUG Ranked First In Palestine And 14 In The Arab World
Irada Youth With Disabilities Produce Masks In response to COVID19
Initiative To Disseminate Technical Culture in Coronavirus Time
Participation In COVID-19 Research Run By Oxford and Columbia
Children's Immune System is less infected With COVID19, Why?
New Study Investigating Community Awareness About COVID19
Shakespeare Class Hosts Prof. Margret Litvin Via Zoom
A Response To COVID19: New Ventilator Made At IUG
Prof. Nazmi AL-Masri Gets Publishing Approval for A Book On Online Collaboration
PhD Scholarship On “Educational Resources and Learning Processes in Kindergarten and School”
Two IUG Engineers Simulate A Ventilator
Islamic University Takes Up the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital
IUG Organizing Team Ranked First in World Hult Prize
Online Learning In IUG: A Weapon To Fight Coronavirus
Dr. Andria Guides Students To Develop Their English Skills
Final FinPal Symposium On Excellence In Teaching And Learning
Prof. Tayeh Won Palestinian Islamic Bank Prize for Research
BTI Launches Login Project To Support Online Work
Idea Dream Success Event at IUG
8th International Conference of Education Faculty
Top IUG Research Publishers In 2019 Global Databases
Information Workshop On ICM
Inauguration of A Computer Lab
Lecture On The Early Childhood Development
The New Corona Virus In China
USN Provides Scholarships And Gives Lectures on Early Childhood
STEM Week to Enable School Students
Lecture With University of Graz About Gender and Media
Training Lectures On Translation For Junior Students
Releasing Of Suspended Graduate Certificates By WAMY
Two IUG Academics Shine In University of Sapienza, Italy
Former MP& UK Government Minister Visits IUG
Artificial Islands To Resolve Gazan Population Crisis
IUG 2019: A Year In Review
Dr. Jayousi Monitors BERC Project At IUG
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