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2017 Commencements at IUG
ICRC Surgeon Visits IUG’s Medicine Faculty
IUG- MERCY Malaysia cooperation agreement
Together We can Fight Cancer
Workshop Evaluating Energy-Saving Buildings Project Outputs
IUG is a Partner at Training Courses in Renewable Energy
crowdfunding campaign to renew the Sports Gym
University of Oregon Hosts IUG Dean of Faculty of Nursing
IUG Participates in Erasmus Plus Program- CBHE
Arabic as a Global Language
Erasmus+ Provides 34 Students' Exchange Opportunity
IUG and UNICEF Sign Child Protection Agreement
IUG'S Qualitative Educational Achievements in 2016
Turkish Student Joins IUG
IUG Launches Solar Energy Lighting System Project
Turkish Ambassador Visits IUG
IUG Faculty of Science Establishes Research Group to Study Cancer
IUG Arabic Center for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language Holds Meeting to discuss program progress
TWAS Finances IUG Research Team
EU Representative Delegation Visits IUG
IUG Faculty of Engineering Opens a Training Program on Energy Efficient Buildings.
IUG Academic at IAS Academic Colleagues
Egypt and Palestine Malaysian Ambassador Visits IUG
British Royal College of Pediatrics Delegation Visits IUG
Language, Art, Performance and Experience
I am an Arab, Creativity, Adventure and Imagination
Abu Namous: Creativity Born from the Heart of Suffer
Palestine European Union Delegation Representative Visits IUG
Workshop on Reinforcing Child Protection Concepts in Social Work Curriculum
IUG Concludes SEED Project for Start-Ups Economic Development
IUG Launches the International Week to Raise Awareness of Antibiotics
IUG Signs Cooperation Agreement with Qatar Red Crescent QRC
Bio- Coal is produced in Gaza from Agricultural Residues for First Time
Workshop at IUG about Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Delegation of Turkish Cultural Center in Jerusalem Visits IUG
Dr. Kamalain Sha'ath Meets president of International Association of Universities and Deputy of Ministry of Energy- Malaysia
IUG participates in the Asian Arab Universities Summit
IUG Holds a Seminar about Applied Research and its impact on Midwifery
Cooperation Between IUG and Brunei Technological University
IUG graduate wins Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Asabbah Informatics Award in Kuwait
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