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Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission Visits IUG
Information Workshop on 7th Session of Zamala Program
Lecture On Translator's Role In Texts' Evaluation
IUG Implemens Project For Universities Internationalization
Information Meeting on The Finnish Project
IUG Visits Université Ibn Khaldoun In Turkey
Academician Participates In The International Training Week At University of Santiago de Compostela
A Group Of IUG Students Commences Studying At University Of Glasgow
IUG Launches University Student Endowment Fund
IUG Receives The Minister of Water Authority
A Visit To Graz University
IUG Receives The Businessman Prof. Adnan Magali
IUG Participates In The First Malaysian Conference For Promoting Education
ISESCO Signs Memorandum of Understanding With IUG
President of Environment Quality Authority Visits IUG
Speed Click Provides Internet Services & Grants (60) Scholarships
Celebration of Distinguished Teachers in Ministry OF Education
Turkish Ambassador Visits IUG
The First Commercial Exhibition
Academician Wins Award for Scientific Research
Two Academicians Gets Honorary Professor Degree
Palestinian Pension Agency Visits IUG
The Second Macaw Exhibition
Closing Ceremony of Training Disabled Youth on Social Media Marketing
SEED2 Completes Funding & Technical Support Phase
Online Platform, From Gaza To The Whole World
IT Faculty Launches QUIF
Information Workshop On Erasmus+ Program
Workshop To Evaluate ROMOR Project
Delegation From Sienna University Visits IUG
Trends Of Software Development
Nursing Faculty wins Best Scientific Research in 1st ICAMS
Future Prospects OF Renewable Energy In Palestine
Series Of Visits To IUG
HESPAL Information Workshop
IUG Participates In 1st International Conference Of AUG Applied Medical Sciences
How Is Shakespeare Perceived In Gaza?
IT Faculty Celebrates Opening New Lab
Start-Up At Pre-Final Phase
Advanced Academic Partnership With TU Wien
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