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The Islamic University Launches "Teaching Palestinian Arabic Language Online" Project
IUG Academics Participate In Training Week At Tampere University
IUG Academics Participate in Training Week at Tampere University
Workshop To Discuss Research Priorities In Women's Issues
Impaired By Sight Loss, But Never Out Of Patience
IUGAZA Releases Teaching Palestinian Arabic Language Online Project
ITC and BTI team up to empower Gaza youth with digital skills
Brand-New Technology To Remove Radioactive Cesium From Water
Development of IUG Manual Of Processes
Research Visit To Qatar
Priorities Of Scientific Research In Safety & Occupational Health Field
Alumni Unemployment: Prospects and Solutions
Commerce Faculty Participates In Intellectual Capital Conference
Academician Gets Research Fellowship From Durham University
Cooperative Agreement With Reach Education Fund
Wave Energy Conversion System
Write Palestine A Poem
Health Science Participates In ِِBSP Annual Conference
Rehabilitative Program For Senior Students
IUG Signs Agreement of Understanding With PICTA
IUG Opens Women's Studies Center
Signature Of “Undergraduate Scholarship” Agreement With G.D.D
IESCO Malaysia Provides Scholarships to Students In Need
A New Scientific Lab
Qatar Grants 300,000$ to IUG
Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission Visits IUG
Information Workshop on 7th Session of Zamala Program
Lecture On Translator's Role In Texts' Evaluation
IUG Implemens Project For Universities Internationalization
Information Meeting on The Finnish Project
IUG Visits Université Ibn Khaldoun In Turkey
Academician Participates In The International Training Week At University of Santiago de Compostela
A Group Of IUG Students Commences Studying At University Of Glasgow
IUG Launches University Student Endowment Fund
IUG Receives The Minister of Water Authority
A Visit To Graz University
IUG Receives The Businessman Prof. Adnan Magali
IUG Participates In The First Malaysian Conference For Promoting Education
ISESCO Signs Memorandum of Understanding With IUG
President of Environment Quality Authority Visits IUG
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